Ad hoc at 44AD

davWhen 44AD offered Deviation Street offered us the use of a gallery space for a week recently, we jumped at the chance of working within such a space at short notice . Setting up Monday and Tuesday we opened on Wednesday and run for 5 days . The last time we exhibited at 44AD was back in April when we launched our magazine and showcased the work of several of the artists who have contributed to the magazine . Organising such an event took quite a while , with some of the work coming from America and mainland Europe – we are still part of Europe . Anyway, all that stuff aside,  working within a much shorter time period we had to think on our feet as to what to do. There would also be the addition of group show ( where I got to choose the theme )  and an installation by Andrea Wright  in the two other gallery spaces..More about these two shows later .


Detail of Andrea Wright’s installation


What we came up with was to produce a space where the work would be participatory and  evolve on a day to day basis.  Make it up as we go along … so we placed four sheets of paper across four wall , and invited people to come long and draw , write,  doodle or just generally do there thing . As a first off its worked out ok ,  we didn’t really get to tell a lot of people about it as we were kind of busy, with the proofs of edition 2 of the magazine coming back to us the same week, but we have had a steady flow of people coming in looking around and taking pen to paper or brush to guitars . dav

Our Pick and Play , with its pianola scroll and precursor to the magnetic sound tape or reel to reels and cassettes went down very well . Basically visitors could select a  tape of their choice to play ,favourites were the home mix tapes of titled Driving Along and Picnic Tape as well as Talk Talks Spirit Of Eden which brought on a burst of creativity to four visitors.,dav

It was really great to see them in full flow quietly drawing away with The Rainbow playing in the background . dav

Gradually the empty spaces were getting filled. some with cartoons ,portraits and text or just abstract mark making . dav





A guy and a drawing of himself .

Seeing both adults and children really engage with the project was a buzz. Some people even came back several times to either work on something that they had started earlier or just to start something new and maybe add on to some one else’s work  dav

The project ends Sunday 23rd 4pm  and we will either cut to completed work up and create a several handmade books of the art work or roll up our scrolls and unfold for another event . dav

What I do know is that our next event will be taking part at The Bell Lounge on Fri Oct 19 where there will we 3 bands playing and we will have issue 2 on sale in glorious full colour  for our new price of £4.99.



Zines n things / 44AD Gallery 19-23 Sept

Where were we  ?

1977? Maybe , but in the here and now too.

Poster 3

This week Deviation Street are delighted to have a space at 44AD Gallery Bath in which to basically play around with stuff , ideas and material mostly . It will be an ad hoc event from 12-5pm each day (1.00-4.00 pm Sunday) working with the notion of the Zine as a starting point . Every day we and visitors will be creating our  own zines and art work . Cutting out, pasting , writing , mark making that sort of thing .  People can chose to take their work away with then (though we would like to document it photo wise) or leave . ON the Sunday we will be binding together some artists books which we will either sell blind  at a fixed price or possibly auction . Who Knows ?

Poster 2

Working within the space of the back, ground floor gallery  for 4 and a half days making it up as we go along  is quite a venture and a departure from the usual practice of  putting together an exhibition or the layout of our magazine. It will be interesting to see how they compare and differ from the Fanzines of 1977 . Over the years I managed to loose quite a few (most) of my  zines (along with some fine albums rare singles and “autographs” ) but i did bring two off the bookshelf . A first copy of Scrap Metal and the 4th issue of New Wave . They are quite impressive ,  5th n 6th formers and unemployed kids writing about what they wanted to write about , full of passion and a sense of excitement about the emergence of a new kind of music scene which has now been comodified  into just another genre playlist.


Scrap Metal No 1 1977 and New Wave No 4 1977

Ok … its not 1977 anymore, its 2018 and there is still  that need for people to get together and be creative  , be it writing or mark making or making a sound . There is something in starting from scratch ,clueless and having a go . So writers ,poets ,painters come to 44AD Gallery and make a magazine …cut-out shapes …


What’s Happening? / Update

Hello , thanks for looking here ..this was just going to be a little update on whats been happening in terms of Deviation Street  and Deviation Street Magazine but it may end up like one of those lengthy bed sit  letters (crammed into envelopes )  that people used write to each other. We shall see …ds 2 pg1

The original Deviation Street Fanzine / issue 2  Selling at 30p a copy

Firstly we are happy to announce that Issue 2 of our Magazine  will be out very soon, with plenty of the  good stuff inside .  In no particular order we have : an interview with The Monochrome Set by Jon Gordon as well as interview s with the artist Dragomir  Misina


Dragomir Misina in his studio

along with an interview with  Mark Steene  the Founder and  Director of Outside In an arts organisation that has been providing a platform for artists who find it difficult to access the art world. We also have a feature on The Metropolis Collective, operating out of small town America from the wonderfully  named  Mechanicsburg  P.A. where folk are producing some very interesting art work (and events )  at a grass roots level  .IMG_5543

A Night Out At The Metropolis Collective

We also have two amazing stories, One from  Dmitry Sokolenko


Dmitry Sokelenko

A writer from Russia  who should not  be mistaken  for a Russian Spy, he  tells the fabulous tale of The Riddle of Pots and Pans and then   a true story by  Den Brown who sheds a welcome  light on life of his then flatmates , the  infamous Sid and Nancy with  his  A Night At the Marquee. I hope that gives you a flavour of whats in there and whets your appetite appropriately.

TMSMainz (1)

The Monochrome Set

Getting the 2nd issue out of the Magazine has been a bit like getting that  notorious difficult second album out (or is it the 3rd ? ) either way there have been a few delays since our first publication .  Thankfully we are now on a roll and have a  PUBLISHER who go by the name of  Rats Tales ,This means that not only will we be producing a full colour issue quarterly, we will also be selling the Mag at £5.00 .  We  will still continue with our ramshackle ways,ambling between Art and Music and the things that we value and  still  working  on a small scale , producing a content based magazine, each  numbered  individually. So if you have an numbered copy of issue 1  hold on to it , it may be worth something in the future .My understanding is that originals of the 1977 Deviation Street Fanzine can  go for around £100. 00 on line.

Talking of Zines … but that’s for the next blog



The Poetry of Henry X

Who is Henry X ? What do we know about him.  A man amidst the idiocy and the beauty of this world in which we live , who dares to write and perform his poetry. Deviation Street presents three works by Henry X  to ponder Beauty , Friends and Hymn for Europe  …we begin with …


I have no beauty.

Beauty is outside.

My mind destroying my face and soul,

And yet I feel a warmth unrivalled

As views let me know there is greatness

Unseen by many for fear of self ridicule.

There may be beauty hidden within

Like a mine of gold on a hillside bleak

But never strike out at this beauty

For it is a rarity in a McDonalds world

Piercing into consumerist mediocrity.

Find me beauty and I will pay for this

With an artists only tender

The warmth of wisdom,

An intelligent aim

Placed only on the true





I never sought the love that many

Climb on to speed their journey

I was the sloth, the sleepwalking child

Who retired to his ponderings.

Was friendship that vehicle that would have raced me

To the ends of races I’ve never pondered?

To me the world seemed infinite, too wide to set an angle

But friends they sit in memories well

Wished on through futures mute



Hymn For Europe


In the continent and at home

Grown men argue like kids

Over power and riches

T he weak pray to fake shrines, with intentions aligned

With the crimes as seen in the media

Politicians seen fighting over who can be seedier

Immigrants basically walking meat

The richest 1% putting their feet up

Europe comprehensively beaten up

Ive had quite enough of the lying

Time I am buying to rhyme

Against corporate crime and the slime

Dribbling down like drip down economics

Leaders all chronically distant

Europes operating system

All capitalism stuck in a rut

Best to have a dead brain

And hate for Italy and Spain

Theres a sinister reminder

Theres no solace when the Middle East’s behind ya’

Not when the greedy and corrupt are insiders

From Germany to Switzerland, Sweden and Spain

We’re offroad again

Through fields bleeding immigrants pain

In this game we are blinded in fights with elites

Just to be pounded by bleats from rich sheep

And the abuse from the consumerist weak


Alarm bells ringing

Europe singing not in harmony

Where is the answer?


A continent bleeding

With angels seething

Can we ever believe?


Turn Europe around

For the Euro and pound

Answer me clearly


Have we a future really?


I feel for EU

While the fascist crew

Reach for arms

Using counterfeit charms

Im alarmed at what should be civilised

I could be demonised yet nothing I despise

Forming ties with intelligent allies

Never foes, unity I propose

From the young to the disposed

Old leaders falling through floors like they should

Being a wake up call for the great and the good

May cause a disaster, it’ll leave a scar

But through pain we can travel far

I dont care whether its spoken or sprechen

I raise a finger up to institution

Yet the anti-establishment sits in confusion

Proposing solutions that would suit the 1700s

The truth I have just plundered

I have pipe dreams to rip reality asunder


Alarm bells ringing

Europe singing not in harmony

Where is the answer?


A continent bleeding

With angels seething

Can we ever believe?


Turn Europe around

For the Euro and pound

Answer me clearly


Have we a future really?


All images Brian Gibson