New Year New Site

ds33aThe post festive lull still lingers here and there but 2019 is well on the way now and so is Deviation Street . We have now moved to a new site

Over the next few weeks we will be posting up an array of articles  from  reviews and interviews to serialised stories and much more .  So remember to watch this space

2018 was for us the year of the learning curve.  Getting Deviation Street out  into print ,  Content filled issues 1 and 2 were well received with plenty of views online .
We also had two great launch nights,  The first at 44AD Gallery along with an exhibition of artists works who had contributed to either our blog or magazine .   Works came from far and wide  from  the   UK , France, Germany,  Thailand and The USA.

Screenshot (4)




Launch Night Issue 1 at 44AD Gallery

With issue 2 we launched at The Bell Inn with a gig fronted by The Shuks and Lake Luna  both were amazing in their own way . the evening began with the  warm  and tender charm of  Lake Luna which left folk aglow,  followed by contrasting  swagger and poise of The Shuks on top form.




Launch Night 2 at The Bell Inn

And in between there was so much … zine workshops , exhibitions, interviews some great stories  even some archive pages from the orignal 1977 Deviation Street fanzine .


ds 3 pg8

The original 1977 fanzine and 1977 interview with Richard Hell.

We would like to thank all those who have contributed to making it all happen . I could talk shed loads about who has helped, putting in time and effort , the contributors who submitted art work  , those who gave us financial support  poetry, interviews and reviews .  Writing it all down would take a lot longer and besides this is not the time for a list of  final credits. We are simply moving on, turning a new page and another chapter of this   evolving and meandering  thing we called Deviation Street .

Just some of the images from 2018 Credits in no particular order

Dolly Sen ,Joey Skaggs Marina Antonova , Shunsuke Ohno, Bastien Keb , Dragomir Misina , Penetration, Johnny Brown , Den Browne , Robert Lloyd , Mandy webb , Wallace Dobbin, Patrik Hoberg,  Dmitry Sokolenko, Jon Gordon , Melisa Wraxall  44AD Gallery  David Lewis Baker and Metropolis Collective