New Year New Site

The post festive lull still lingers here and there but 2019 is well on the way now and so is Deviation Street . We have now moved to a new site Over the next few weeks we will be posting up an array of articles  from  reviews and interviews to serialised stories and muchContinue reading “New Year New Site”

The Randomised A to Z of Deviation Street’s Readership part 2

The Letter P The Pedestrians The Proletariat The Parents The Partners The Perpendicular The Poorly Paid The Postmen and Postwomen The Perplexed The Pensive The Placid The Pilots The Phonographic The Punters The Prefects The Palaeontologists The Poets The Painters The Person Centred The Puddings The Pacifists The Play Leaders The Polite The Private  The PonderousContinue reading “The Randomised A to Z of Deviation Street’s Readership part 2”

The Randomised A to Z of Deviation Street’s Readership.

The Letter D The Decent The Disabled The Determined The Disturbed The Driven The Divided The Divine The Downhearted The Dreamers The Deaf The Dying The Derelict The Drained The Distinctive The Delightful The Doers The Dawdlers The Dilly Dalliers The Dads The Daughters The Dearly Beloved The Drifters  The Dysfunctional The Delicate The DissipatedContinue reading “The Randomised A to Z of Deviation Street’s Readership.”

Zines n things / 44AD Gallery 19-23 Sept

Where were we  ? 1977? Maybe , but in the here and now too. This week Deviation Street are delighted to have a space at 44AD Gallery Bath in which to basically play around with stuff , ideas and material mostly . It will be an ad hoc event from 12-5pm each day (1.00-4.00 pmContinue reading “Zines n things / 44AD Gallery 19-23 Sept”

The Nightingales / Robert Loyd

A Life In Indie. With a new album and tour happening this autumn, it seems like a good moment to speak with Nightingales frontman Rob Lloyd about writing, recording in Europe, Pulp, the Fall, and their ongoing association with comedian Stewart Lee.   JG:The first thing I want to ask is, The Nightingales took a twenty year gapContinue reading “The Nightingales / Robert Loyd”

Love, Hope and the Devil: Band of Holy Joy at the Thunderbolt, Bristol

Not even a year passes and we’re back at the Thunderbolt with the honour of seeing the big, bad, beautiful Band of Holy Joy. And what a not quite 12 months it’s been, the world sits firmly in the hand cart as we’re pushed off the metaphorical cliff into a not so metaphorical hell… ofContinue reading “Love, Hope and the Devil: Band of Holy Joy at the Thunderbolt, Bristol”